Redmond Wheeler Flemming

In 1897, Charles C. Flemming started a moving company named Charlie's Transfer in Birmingham, Alabama. With the boom of growth being at the intersection of two major railroads, Charlie's Transfer unloaded freight from the trains and delivered the items throughout the city- all with horse and cart.

The roaring twenties came and Charlie's Transfer became Flemming Transfer under the leadership of Charlie's son, James Benjamin. Although both father and son died in 1932, J.B.'s wife, Elizabeth Cahalan, and children: Catherine, Elizabeth, C.C., Wheeler, and Frank kept the business going through the Great Depression.

At the end of WWII, prosperity soon became apparent as Wheeler and our father, Frank, cranked the business into high gear. Frank found his true love, Sally Sherrill and together had 14 children.

Which brings us to the present... the moving business is not the easiest of occupations and some of the seven sons sought greener pastures. Two sons, Mike and Andy remain in the business and we are grateful to have inherited such hard working genes in our DNA.
To be continued-

We are a fourth generation, family-owned, licensed and insured business in the great city of Birmingham.